Potty Training…. In More Than Three Days

Potty training has had an effect on this house. It has apparently exhausted Roland. Hubs thinks it’s funny and is upset when I tire of it. My mom tends to want to give Roland what he wants, and he wants to pee and poop with abandon. So to her that means diapers. I’m frustrated because all the promises of the world have not delivered and left me doubting myself and my son. The only person who doesn’t care is Penny. So far, anyway. A three-month old doesn’t care about much.

You're making it difficult to be the parent I imagined I would be. catholicnerdmom.wordpress.com
You’re making it difficult to be the parent I imagined I would be.

There are many posts out there that promise to help you potty train your child. Some in three days or less! I knew that probably wouldn’t be our case, but I thought it wouldn’t be too far off. Posts like this are encouraging! We could do it! He’s got most of the signs of readiness. He can talk enough, he usually grabs himself if he’s wearing a diaper when he goes (and says ow, another prompt for me to start), and had been showing interest in Hubs using the bathroom. That spells ready, right?

Apparently not. We tried for a good week. He would go in the potty at least once every day, but it was more distressing than anything for him. Peer pressure and rewards don’t work for him. He does love stuff like candy, but not enough to work for it. We have conversations like this:

Roland sees Disney patterned Pull-ups at Walmart.
R: Mom! Mom! Jake!!!
Me: Oh! Jake and the Neverland Pirates? Those a are big boy pants! For when you pee in the potty! Do you want some?
R: *Looks at them* ….. Pee in potty?
Me: Yes! You can have them if you start peeing in the potty!
R: …. No.

Well alrighty then. We’re developing a new plan. First step is getting him to acknowledge when he’s wet or dirty. Right now he doesn’t care. Before you ask, yes, we’ve tried putting him in underwear so that he has to feel being wet. He doesn’t care. I’ve watched him pee, look down, and continue on like nothing happened. So maybe we’ll do potty training in three steps, not three days. Step 1: Get him to hate being wet!


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