Toy Rotation Exploration

So I’ve decided to try toy rotation. I had inspiration here and here; but of course I had to do it my way. So I pulled out all of Roland’s toys and dumped them in the living room. Here’s what I started with (Sorry if the pics come out dark, that’s a learning curve for me along with the blogging):

Mid way through Toy Rotation  -
Mid way through Toy Rotation –
First I categorized them: trains, vehicles, electronic, weapons, balls, baby, water/outdoor, stuffed, and other. I didn’t have the water/outdoor category at first, but I ended up separating them in the end. Then I started putting everything back in containers. I wanted to make sure that he ended up with some trains and cars in every container.

Technically I ended up with 6 containers, if you count the toy box. I already had all of them and they are not all the same size. Ideally I would have large clear totes for easy labeling and storage. I didn’t have any in the garage and didn’t want to spend the money on it yet. So you, too, can try toy rotation, even if it’s not Pinterest worthy!

Finished Toy Rotation -
Finished Toy Rotation –
I also learned some things about myself as I went through my son’s toys. First and foremost, I think too much. I started with a few categories and they evolved into about 20 before I caught myself and simplified again. I also know waaaay too much about the toys. I remember in general who gave us they toy and why and what pieces belong to it and which we are missing. I can honestly tell you we are missing a Lightning McQueen lunch box with two dinosaurs, a few Hot Wheels, a few Fisher Price cars, and two Hello magazines. I’m pretty sure we left it at church more than a month ago. Why is it I can remember the container and exactly what was in it, but I can’t remember to take it home when we go somewhere? Just part of the mystery of me, I guess.

I think someone must have told me when I was young that’s it’s wrong to give away things that were gifts, because I’m having real difficulty weeding out what to give away right now. Many, if not most, of Roland’s toys were gifts and I can’t bring myself to give them to Goodwill. I’m hoping this rotation thing will show me what he truly values, so we can bring a little more simplicity into our life. Our first week is almost up and I’m seeing just a tiny bit of fatigue with the toys he has out right now. I’m also seeing what he comes back to over and over again.

I’m still deciding when to switch to the next box. Either Monday night after the craziness of the weekend, or Saturday night after the kids go to bed so we have fresh toys to keep Roland’s attention. I’ll let you know how it goes with an update post next time.


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