Sunday Readings

I read this article a while back about the Gospel piercing our hearts. Their very first tip was to read the Gospel ahead of time. Apparently it was very common advice; advice I had never heard or truly thought of.

I was excited! This was great! We almost always talk of spiritual things on the way to church. This would just be an extension of that. I envisioned reading aloud every week in the car! It would improve and deepen our experience at Mass! Our lives would be better! My husband would take another step on his journey to becoming Catholic!

Then we took two weekend trips, interupting our normal Church routine. And my husband received a few contracts in a row for Sunday work. (I know, I know) And the most disruptive thing? I neglected to remember that I get ver very carsick if I read in the car.

But little setbacks can’t stop me! I’m turning to electronics to help me out. I’m looking for either someone who has already read and published the readings in something like a podcast format so that we can listen to it in the car. If this isn’t already available, then I’m seriously considering doing it myself! I’m not certain how to start something like that, but that’s never stopped me before! As soon as I figure out which I’m going with, I’ll let you know. Have you taken any steps recently to improve your faith experience? Did it go the way you envisioned?

I found that the Council of Bishops puts out a podcast with the daily readings! It’s called Daily Readings from the New American Bible! I’m going to try it out, I’ll let you know how it goes!


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