I Play With Dolls

My New American Girl Felicity

I am not the great doll lover that some girls are. I had my favorites. I didn’t take them everywhere with me. To be honest, I’m more of a stuffed animal fan. But as I was working with my friend at my last job, I found out something.

She had American Girl dolls.

Now most of you will know what I’m talking about. If not click on the link. I had the books, but not the dolls. You could get the books at the school book fair. But the dolls. You could only get them through the catalog.

The catalog that didn’t show up at my house until I was in at least 8th grade.

The catalog with the girls from my books.

And expensive enough that I knew not to ask. I could do the math. All the accessories and dresses and such, it all added up. I did do a little math and thought about my earnings (I started working about a year later) but decided I would rather do other things with them instead, as it could easily take a whole paycheck. (I only made $200 a month at the time.)

And I also knew that those cute little outfits where you and your doll dress up together? They would never fit. I was pretty tall already (5’8) and I had had some pretty disappointing results with other little girl things. I had been 5’6 in 6th grade, so I had tried a few of these sorts of situations on for size, so to speak.

So I let it drop to the wayside. Not too big a deal. I kinda kept them in the back of my mind, something I knew about and noticed every once in a while. And then my friend dropped that bomb. She had American Girl dolls. Not one. Not two. Something like ten. She’d been collecting them over the years. Now one of her little cousins was into them, and so she was getting them out. Dressing them up. Making cute little things for them.

After a while of squeeing over them and kinda hanging out on her doll periphery, I found out people like to purchase crochet accessories for their dolls. I can make that, I thought. So I did. I have a hat done. But I’ve no idea if it’s the right size. So I asked her if I could borrow a doll for a few days. She said she’d work on it. Then she tells me that for my birthday this year, she got me Felicity.

She got me an American Girl doll.

You guys. I have my own American Girl doll.

There’s a lot of freaking out going on over here. I can’t wait for her to come in! I’m barely holding off on making stuff for her. I want to be able to make sure it fits. I feel like I’m ten again. Have you ever had a resurgence of something you wanted from childhood? I feel like such a dork right now.

A very happy dork.


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