A New Dream and Beating the Little Voice
I have always wanted to try out for Jeopardy. So why not do it?

I have always like Jeopardy! I am not very good at remembering the date or what I need to do today, but I certainly remember weird details. It makes for a fun evening. I can’t remember to call the electric company to get the bill fixed, but I can certainly tell you that the word used the most in Agatha¬†Christie titles is “Murder.” (That was a Final Jeopardy question!)

Reflecting on that this morning, I wondered if I should apply. Something inside me said, Nah. You won’t even be picked and if you do, you won’t win.I hate that little voice with a passion. It reminded me of the little online Jeopardy quiz I took and did not do well on. Then it made a mistake and told me I couldn’t even answer most of the regular questions while watching.


My brain went into action. What percentage of the totals questions does the average winner answer? How do they train? Why was I not applying? I play plenty of games just to play. For the experience. Why NOT try for this, something I have a modicum of confidence I could do any be fairly good at?

There’s no reason why not.

So I’m going to start training a little for it. Look into the application process. Make it a priority for me right now. (Also I banned myself from Facebook today and I need a diversion.) Have you had something the little voice in your head had slowly, subtly, and for a long time prevented you for even considering? You know, there’s always reasons why not. Make it a priority anyway.


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