Preschool, Curricula, Learning – Oh My!

We can’t afford to send R to preschool right now.

As far as I can tell, it’s quite expensive. At least for our family. I would have to go back to work full-time and make at least as much as my highest paying job in order to afford it. Needless to say, that’s not happening. After a little investigation, it turns out preschool is currently being debated over whether it’s ‘necessary’ or not. After a little more investigation and assessment, I decided to put together our
own homeschool curriculum.

It’s been a little crazy. While buying a premade curriculum was quite tempting, I had a few hangups. R is interested in what he’s interested in, and so if I try to introduce something he doesn’t care about, I figure it won’t keep his interest very long. Secondly, they’re also expensive, and involve a lot of home printing (we don’t have a printer right now). So I knew that I would have to put together my own. And lastly – I have a hard time keeping myself on track and self motivated. How was I going to k
eep to a homeschool schedule?

The answer to the last question is: be kind to myself. This is new and I’m still getting the hang of it. I’m also adjusting to R’s learning style which is quite different from how I learn. I’m having to learn teaching strategies and then see which ones work the best. But the good thing is, R is actually ahead of where I thought he would be, so we have a little time to figure it out.

The printing aspect is still a hangup. I was hoping to get my printing done at my MIL’s on the weekend. However, her printer is down too! So right now I’m doing what I can with dry erase and my own handwriting. All my supplies are fr
om the Dollar Tree, and I spent about $10 setting up. And I drove us down to get a library card, and do my best to get the books I see everyone else with, since there seems to be a required reading list. Not really, but the same books tend to repeat across websites so you know what I mean.

I do want R to get more social time in since he’s never been to daycare and is a bit isolated. However I have a hard time making friends in general and mom friends in particular. In fact, we just lost the best friend he had, since that family moved to sit in the ‘big church’ (the main body of the church, not the cry room) and apparently that means they socialize with only their own family again. Maybe that’s for another post since it makes me want to cry. I’d love to get him into a class but that costs money. I wanted to ask for cla
sses for his birthday but honestly had no
idea how to do that.

If I ever get it all organized and written out and pretty, I’ll post it for all to see. But right now we’re doing a little of this and a little of that and seeing what works. I’m still figuring out why everyone has ‘themes’ for every week. Seems fun but is it necessary? The themes are killing me! Hah! What about you? Do you preschool at home? Did you have a hard time getting started? What are your favorite curricula? And how do you get in your child’s social time?


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