Lamp Oil and Living Ready

Are you getting ready for the rain?
Are you getting ready for the rain?

Remember that parable about the girls and the lamps? They wait and wait for the bridegroom, but they’re not sure when he’s coming. Half of them thought ahead and had extra lamp oil just in case. Half just had what was in their lamps and ran out. And then they missed out because they left their posts to go get more. While I do know the actual meaning behind the parable, it’s also a good warning as to how to live our regular physical lives. Make sure you look to the future and provide enough, because you don’t know when something will happen.

I admit to being something of a prepper. I love camping, I was in the girl scouts, and my dad brought a prepared mindset from being in the army. I really enjoyed challenging myself to be prepared for anything when I was younger. Friends used to joke that I could live out of my backpack. Really, it was just my high school essentials: hair ties, quarters, snacks, a book or two to read, and a change of PE clothes. In the last big El Nino, my dad helped me pack a duffel so if flood waters rose near our house I could grab and go. In camping with the girls scouts, they told us we had to be able to carry all of our gear ourselves and I took that to heart. I still get a little anxious if we go camping with a lot of stuff and end up not using it. But somewhere along the way I got out of the habit of thinking ahead. Then I had my son.

I went a bit crazy.

The Hubs was suddenly working nights and here I was alone with an infant. I had PPD and undiagnosed gallstones and sleep deprivation. I was actually, truly afraid zombies were going to happen and then end of the world was near. I made sure I had shoes near the bed and my diaper bag packed to last a week every night. I was a bit stressed, to say the least.

I’m better now, but I do know the ease of mind being prepared brings me. With another El Nino predicted for this winter season, I’ve been thinking about getting ready a lot. I wasn’t entirely sure where to start. I follow a few survival blogs like the Survival Mom, but there was a lot about snow and not a lot about rain. Today we are getting a summer storm and so I realized a few things:

My house needs to be cleaner. Since I have trouble with that, a cleaning routine seems like the thing to try.

We all need rain gear. My neon green Florence Nightingale-style cape is apparently not waterproof.

Ditto for rain boots.

I really need to think through our daily activities and then picture doing them in the rain. Since it’s September, I think a lot of the country is used to starting to think about these things since it’s fall everywhere else. SoCal just doesn’t have that fall mentality. We just wish we did. What about you? Are you getting ready for winter? Is that a part of fall for you? Are you looking ahead to the future and trying to get ready for it?


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