Busting out as a Catholic Nerdy Mom!

I’ve started a few blogs before, and all of them have fallen by the wayside. But my interests here are here to stay. I’m a Catholic nerdy mom. Not necessarily always in that order. To be honest, sometimes it’s hard to reconcile all three (never the Catholic part and the mom part, obviously). But it will be nice to show all the fun things I’m working on, and how we include our faith and our children.

Welcome to Catholic Nerd Mom!
Following in our footsteps already!

Nerd:¬†an intelligent but single-minded person obsessed with a non social¬†hobby or pursuit. Although these days it’s so cool to be a nerd that I think the non social part needs be removed from the definition. With the internet, you can always find someone who is into at least one of the same things you are. Whether that’s always good thing I don’t know but nerds these days tend to take advantage of it. Among my group of friends, we generally think a nerd is someone who is incredibly involved and invested in any particular subject. So if someone isn’t a nerd about something, we think that’s pretty sad. You can be a bike nerd, a camera nerd, a camping nerd, a history nerd, anything!! And I’m an anthropology graduate, so I’m always fascinated by how these nerdoms overlap and interact.

The interests in our household are varied, and we’re involved to different degrees in all of them. Video games, science fiction/fantasy, Disney, just to name a few. A fairly normal spread for a typical nerd. The One of the biggest in our lives is involvement in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA for short). It’s a group the recreates the middles ages, minus the death and plague and such. We just went to a big event so I’ll post about that later!

I also love to sew and crochet and craft, so that brings me into all sorts of other things. The husband loves video games, computers, and art. I love writings and we both love camping. Our lives are very full! And we try to be true to our faith through all of it (the world doesn’t make it easy)! And we just brought our second child into the world 4 months ago! We include the children in everything we can, a fact I just realized. I’ve seen my husband teaching our son how to play with the computer and games and drawing with him. We took them to that large event I mentioned a few weeks ago, with costumes and medieval fighting and camping. Pics soon, I promise! So come and follow along and I’ll show you how I live as a Catholic nerdy mom!